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 Special Needs Rescue

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization (running under Queen City Bulldog Rescue) specializing in hand rearing cleft puppies and other congenital defects under 10 weeks.


Run solely by a dedicated team of volunteers that perform around the clock care for puppies who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other disabilities under 10 weeks old in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and their surrounding states.

We work with many veterinary hospitals, breeders, and individuals throughout the states.  

If you have a puppy in need please use our contact tab and we will respond within 4-6 hours. 


We are ALWAYS breeder friendly and discreet.  


Our Reason Why

Did You Know...

That countless puppies are needlessly euthanized just for being  born with a cleft palate (or other birth defect)? Raising Rogue provides specialized care to these vulnerable pups!  From birth, they require tube feeding and around the clock medical care. Our dedicated group of fosters have made it our mission to provide quality care for every puppy we bring in! 


What's Involved...

Every 2 hours tube feedings until they are approximately 5 - 6 weeks of age. They can't eat solids as a normal pup does, so we make special gelatin food prior to transitioning to solid food.  We also we teach them to drink water from a rabbit water dropper bottle because they are unable to drink from a bowl.

Can you help....

Donations enable us to continue with our mission.  Without support we would not be able to save the number of puppies entrusted to us.  

Volunteers are desperately needed!  

Raising Rogue is 100% volunteer based, besides fostering there are so many ways you can help out. From transportation, fundraising, grant writing, IT support, marketing or reference checks.  

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