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Raising Rogue blossomed from it's founders love of Bulldogs.  Katie was apart of Queen City Bulldog Rescue from its infant state in 2017.  Starting as the Adoption Coordinator and moving up to the President.  She worked with an amazing team to oversee the day to day operations.  In addition to saving 100's of bulldogs, QCBR started a dog food pantry in December 2018, serving anyone in the community who had fallen on 'RUFF' times.  Katie has separated the pantry from the rescue and with 2 Directors, they are going to continue to develop this as; Raising Rogue Pet Pantry. 

Katie's passion has always been special needs. Getting up around the clock and giving these sweet souls an opportunity at life was something she had a strong desire to do.  Having this knowledge and skill set on staff allowed QCBR to accept and place countless dogs that would have never had the opportunity at life.  They are needlessly euthanized at birth since they cannot nurse.   Most of these babies do NOT require corrective surgery and can live perfectly normal lives once they can eat and drink on their own.  

How did we come up with the name Raising Rogue for the rescue?!  That was the easy part!!

On February 24, 2021, Katie took in this little 3oz baby from a breeder.  We knew she was double cleft lip and cleft palate and could also hear a murmur.  Our goal was to get her through the night, then the next-

she was a fighter and needed a strong name.  ​Katie loves X-men, working out, and her husband, Joe, a personal trainer, owns and operates, Iron Rig Fitness Center in Florence Kentucky.  The name Rogue was the perfect fit, and a name she would need to pull strength from many times.

Rogue was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and her heart murmur was a grade 3 around 12 weeks of age.  Hydrocephalus is a condition where there is a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in a dog's brain.  This puts pressure on the brain that can cause brain damage and death.  Hydro can be treated with medications and surgery to place a shunt for drainage.  Unfortunately, with Rogue's heart murmur, surgery is to big of a risk.  Joe and Katie chose to give Rogue the best possible life and help her continue to beat the odds.  Rogue's veterinarian is amazed that she is still happy and healthy with all she has stacked against her, she is a miracle and true blessing.  There could not be a better name for a rescue that specializes in special needs puppies, Raising Rogue!   


The mission of Raising Rogue is to offer a quality of life to all cleft puppies and puppies born with other congenital defects that are typically euthanized at birth.  By providing around the clock care, rehabilitation with subsequent specialized placement into loving, safe and educated forever homes.

Whether puppies are surrendered to us or breeders are looking for insight, I am available at all hours.  


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